Behind Bangkok

Concordia Welfare & Education Foundation | Bangkok, Thailand

Behind the booming shopping centers and sky-high hotels, you'll find the backbone of Bangkok. The men and women who work tirelessly around the clock to drive your car, clean your hotel room, cook your breakfast and wash the streets. Excluded from the cities newly found prosperity, they're part of a working class that Bangkok has forgotten, leading to tremendous inequalities in education, income, and opportunity.


Nestled behind condominiums and an incomplete highway is the Bangna Slum Community it's one of a dozen slums you can find scattered throughout Bangkok. Now while the community holds less than 100 houses, it's its home to nearly 2,000 residents, and it’s there that you will find the Concordia Welfare & Education Foundation. Founded in 1988, CWEFT works to empower underprivileged children, women, and families through holistic education and training.